Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pig Farm is home for 6 year old Molly

Introduction: Fun with the 4 Freaks
molly was 6 when they got her.She had a tight dark skinned body for a little blonde girl.she had a big bright smile and was wearing pink shorts and a sky blue halter top .she wieghd no more than 50 pounds and stood about 3'5. The freaks plucked her off the street with no troubles at all and raced her back to the farm.The whole 5 miles there the 3 guys with her in the back of the van were groping her smooth flesh roughly.They ripped her clothes off and dj took her over his knee and started spanking her tight tiny little ass very very violently.
"Fuck this whore is fresh:groweld AL."Yea but that wont be for long"Jimmy the retard screamed gleefully.
The 4 Freaks were piss drunk all ready and were doing meth and chugging everclear.Jimmy the retard hadent bathed in months and had just pissed hiself.He snatched her up off of DJs lap and slammed her down on her back.He dropped down on top of her and shoved his hot nastey tounge down the little girls throat.Duane yelled from the driver seat "you better save some of that hot cum whore for me you stupid fucks"!!Al and DJ stood over the tard and little girl and were jerking there hard cocks.Jimmy the retard by this time had 2 of his fat fingers deep up inside of mollys virgin pussy.He yanked them out and stuffed the bloody digiets into the little girls mouth .The men finaly arived at the pig farm and dragged Molly out and into the barn.They dropped her in the middle of the barn floor.

Al,Duane,DJ,and Jimmy the retard were all standing in front of her naked little crying body with
massive hard ons.Jimmy the retard walked up infront of her and pointed his fat stinky cock at her face and started piss thick yellow hot piss into her pretty little face .She just sat there crying silently.DJ squated down to Mollys eye level and said."Im guessing your mommy and daddy raised you like a little princes. But thats not what you are.Your a little cum dump ,thats it...thats how were gonna use you, you fucking cock gagging whore"!!!!"Now Lets throat fuck this little cum whore"!;DJ moaned from clinched teeth.
Yesssssss I WANNA MAKE HER GAG ON MY COCK:Yelled Al.Just at that momment DJ grabbed molly by her long blonde
hair and lifted her up to his eye level.She screamed and flopped around dangiling painfully.All
the men laughed and started spitting and hacking thick flem in her pretty face.Jimmy the Retrad
aimed his fat little 6 inch cock at her chest and started pissing all over her.Duane started to rub it in with rough gropping
hands.she was being completly molested.DJ threw her down the the ground and forced the O ring into her little
mouth."So the whore cant bite.Molly who was now in borderline shock just stared up at the hard cocks
with tears streaming down her swollen plump red cheeks.Her mouth was stretched open to the point of
almost dislocating.the pain was intense.DJ was the first one to insert all 8 inches down the
little girls throat.Molly instantly began bucking and gagging violently as the other men laughed
and cooed for the little whore.They all continued to spit and piss on her while DJ was rapping her
throat.He was like a animal ramming her head down and up over and over again never taking his hard cock
all the way out of her forced open mouth.She was gagging and puking stomach flemmy drool
all over his hard cock and balls.ULK SLURPHHH EWAK EWAK SLUURPH SLOPH PHLIPHHH were the loud sounds coming
out of the little girls mouth.At that moment molly felt what seemed like a massive hot stick get rammed all
the way up her tight little butthole.She locked her whole body up as Al started slamming hus 7 inch cock
in and out.Blood started dripping with each hard thrust.DJ pushed her head all the way down till almost his balls
were down her throat and held her there.He then pinched her nose shut and bucked his hips into her face as hard as he
could.They were all sweating and stinky.they had her open like a gutted molly began to pass out she felt
streams of hot piss exploding into her stomach."The whore passed out.screamed DJ..."so fucking what" said Duane
who was taking Als place up Mollys ripped up bloody asshole He pummed all his fat hard cock up the tight bloody asshole of the poor used little girl.They all laughed loudly."we can fuck her dead" said AL
.DJ WITH his raging hard cock still inbeded in the little girls throat took his hand and felt along her neck the out
line of his cock.With a hard squeez he gripped the wind pipe and crushed it untill it was tight in his hand around his cock.
he started jerking hisself off useing the dead throat of the same time he rammed his cock down and started to cum..
Duane exploded in her dead little asshole..The men used the girls dead body for 4 hours untill she begain to get stiff.Jimmy the retard pulled out his razor and got down around her head area...He cut and sliced and popped up with her lips and ears each freak got a little memmento of there baby cum slut.
They burried her naked and face down in a shallow grave under the pig farm

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